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With the introduction and popularity of the newer Ford F150 and the new aluminum body, there is an increased demand for qualified aluminum collision repair options. Simonetta's Collision & Car Care is one of the few collision centers in the area that has the state-of-the-art equipment to repair these vehicles the right way!

What Is the Difference Between Aluminum and Steel Collision Repair

Steel tends to retain some memory to its present shape, even when it’s dented. Aluminum, however, requires a skill set to reshape aluminum, as well as a set of special tools, including an aluminum dent-pulling station.

Some differences between aluminum collision repair and steel collision repair are:

1. Aluminum does not have a metal memory like steel

This means that when aluminum is dented or bent, it cannot be reshaped back to its undamaged state as easily as steel. A body repair technician not only requires better skills, they also need aluminum-specific tools like what Simonetta's Collision & Car Care has with the Pro Spot Aluminum Weld Station.

2. Aluminum reacts to heat much differently than steel

Aluminum conducts heat much more than steel, which means that heat travels through aluminum faster and farther making welding aluminum parts more difficult. Since excessive heat will compromise the integrity and strength of the metal, improper aluminum welding can create vehicle safety issues if the car is involved in an accident. Simonetta's Collision & Car Care has the latest state-of-the-art equipment and a Pro Spot Aluminum Weld Station to make sure that these vehicles are repaired properly and to the specified safety standards. Special training is also needed to make these repairs properly so that the strength and safety of the vehicle is maintained.

3. Aluminum and steel don’t play well together

Unfinished aluminum and steel are corrosive to each other. If shavings from one metal contact a panel made of the other metal, the damage is instantaneous. Even using a tool to repair an aluminum panel that was previously used to repair steel will cause corrosion on the aluminum panel! Because of this, there needs to be a completely separate set of tools that are required to repair aluminum.
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